The mobile van is a unique concept of reaching out to the remotest area and the poorest of people like those in the remote salt pans.

  Social Security
- Childcare Centers
- Health Care Centers
- Insurance
 Childcare Centers

Women engaged in capacity-building trainings, livelihood etc. need to be able to focus on their work while their children are cared for close. Childcare Centers allow women the freedom to participate as fully in their activities as possible. The women are able to work uninterrupted and to give their full attention to meetings and capacity-building sessions.

The Communication Resource Centers are locus for Childcare centers.

 Health Care Centers

The Communication Resource Centers house also small health care facilities, which, in addition to providing community members with basic care, can also lead a variety of workshops on topics such as nutrition, hygiene, maternal and child health, and other primary care issues.

The Communication Resource Centers are locus for the health Care Centers.


SEWA members face several aspects of vulnerability and risks resulting into huge economic leakages and losses, consequently thrusting the women and their families deeper into poverty. Considering this, SEWA has set up its insurance programme as a support to tackle as many possible risks in the lives of poor women members. A variety of insurance products, such as life, health, disability, and property insurance, can help families manage the risks  necessary to develop a livelihood in poor and disaster-prone region.

The Community Learning Centers provide a space for the daily collection of insurance premiums and community members administer the papers.